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New Orleans

With Cruising  at a standstill, I talked my sister into spending a few days in one place. She choose New… read more New Orleans

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Ready to Travel Again

As we continue to wait for cruising to resume, I have talked my sister into doing a land vacation. It will be quick and short but full packed with time spend exploring and enjoying even under the current circumstances of life.

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Thoughts about my Trip to Cuba

At first glance Cuba does look stuck in the past but it is moving forward in its own way keeping the pieces of the past that it wants to share with the world.

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Cruising to Cuba

The day has arrived for another Sisters Travel Adventure. We have booked a Hemmingway’s Hideout and Cuba Culture tour.  Being a writer myself, I couldn’t pass this tour up. Although it was a choice between this one and one out to his home. Rather than sitting on a bus for a great deal of time, I thought it would be more fun to walk around Havana and enjoy an occasional drink along the way!

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Surfing the Ocean Waves

The roar of the waves sound like a jet engine heading down the runway  at breakneck speed to take off into the air. Cascades of white foam waterfalls form as the waves crest and breaks. Lines of foam bubbles speed towards shore and knock down anything in their way.

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Still Hesitant but Hoping to Cruise Again….

Life itself is the Adventure these days. I would love to find myself off on some adventure of fun and… read more Still Hesitant but Hoping to Cruise Again….

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Hesitant to Dream of Cruising

  I, Cathy here,  have been having a hard time even thinking about writing about cruising or traveling. I haven’t… read more Hesitant to Dream of Cruising

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Sisters Travel Adventures Cruising on Pause

Life and cruising life sure has taken a turn since just 8 weeks ago when Sisters Travel Adventures joined the… read more Sisters Travel Adventures Cruising on Pause

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Forever Since Our Last Adventure

It’s seems like it has been forever since our last Sisters Travel Adventure. Well it has been a long time… read more Forever Since Our Last Adventure

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Announcing My New Adventure

As you may have noticed, I have been making some changes to the blog pages and there will be more… read more Announcing My New Adventure