Sailing through the Fog

The island has been fogged in these last few days. At times it backs out off the island but lingers over the ocean. You can’t see the horizon or what is out there.

Sometimes life is foggy. You don’t know what direction you should be going in. All you can see is the space you are in, what immediately surrounds you the now, the present moment.

You have to pay attention to each step you take. You see what you need to see and know what you need to know right now. It is enough. The present moment is the access point into the fog. It will guide you and ease you along the way.

The fog also gives you cover. You are not influenced by others. You are free to be who you are and make your own choices without anyone watching.

So sail on through the fog, don’t let it ground you just feel your way through.

Eventually the fog will burn off and you will see out to the horizon and all the possibilities. You will see which direction you have been going in. You can then adjust course if you need to.

But you might have stumbled upon some magical island that you never knew existed. One you could never have imagined or dreamed of. Awakening all of your senses and filling your life with abundance and joy.