Creative Life Plan

While everyone else seems to be thinking and planning for Christmas, I am deep in reflection. I am looking over this year’s Creative Life Plan and feeling good about what I have accomplishment, and reevaluating the items I did not. What do I want to continue working on or towards? What is still interesting and important to me? What direction or directions do I want to take now? Have my dreams changed any? And if so how?

I am clearing out clutter I have collected or created, in my physical environment, in my mind and in my emotions. Clearing out space opens space for new opportunities and experiences to come into my life. I open space both in my environment and in myself to develop creativity and creative flow.

I look at my life like an adventure journey. Where do I want to go on that journey? I am also open to unexpected opportunities to experience something new or something I had never thought about along the way. I develop my Creative Life Plan each year with dreams of the moment or experiences I would like to have, projects I would like to work on or finish. I include dreams, visions, and goals.

I leave plenty of room for unexpected or new ideas or dreams to incubate and flexibility on how I accomplish or manifest any of my dreams or goals. I know that as I learn and grow with each new experience that I may discover something new I want to have a deeper knowledge or experience of. I also may realize that something I thought I wanted isn’t at all what I imagined it would be or that it doesn’t interest me any longer.

Sometimes a path just isn’t possible. It doesn’t have the results I would like to experience. Adjustments are necessary. I do not get discouraged, disappointed sometimes but I just shift and readjust the path or find another one that fits me better.

This coming year will be one of shifts and changes in new directions, new opportunities and wonderful exciting new adventures. I have been feeling the energy shift begin inside of me already. It has been stirring with each adventure I have taken this year, with the dreams that have come true and those that have not. New ideas and doors of opportunities have been show to me. Several have intrigued me. I now have some new places and ideas to explore on a deeper level. Ones I never thought of before.

Often I dream but don’t believe it can actually become reality. In the manifestation of one dream it has expanded my belief in my dreams. If one dream can come true than anyone of my other dreams are possible to. Now I know that a dream can become a reality only when it is something I really want and I believe it is possible.

Several years ago, Sister Henrita told me to Dream Big. I didn’t know how to dream big. I didn’t believe in myself or my ability to accomplish any dream. So I dreamed a vague dream to live at the beach it had no details and no specifics. Well I very quickly accomplished that dream of living at the beach. My life exploded in many unexpected ways.

I have now opened doors of new bigger dreams – of living at the beach with more details and more specifics. So this coming years Creative Life Plan will include paths and avenues and adventures to lead me closer to those bigger dreams. Some dreams take more than a year to manifest. Sometimes it can take years. So the Big Dream is a direction or compass as to where out there in the distant horizon I am heading. Smaller dreams and goals move my direction as I go along. It is the path to this year’s adventures.

One thing I have learned is to be open to the unexpected paths and journeys that come along the way. Often they lead to a better way to travel or a new different dream. And sometimes it just enriches the passage enriching who I am and who I am becoming. And that is why I do not make resolutions instead I create my Creative Life Plan. It allows me the guidance of my dreams and goals but also the creative flexibility to shift and change through the experiences and journeys. I am free to change my mind and even change my dream and direction.

I also choose a word or phrase that will guide me along my journey. It will help steer decisions and choices that come along the path. This year includes an Epic Adventure Journey as well as a shifting tides in expanding my dreams larger than I ever believed possible. I am growing deeper into my being and into belief in myself. Right now I am still working on what that word or phrase will be. I will get back to you on that.

So what is in your Creative Life Plan?