Dancing in the Sand

Some days I just need to be outside. I need to feel my connection to the earth. I need to be barefoot in the sand, to feel it under my feet.

Soft sand lets me dig my feet in and warms me. Hard wet sand puts a foundation under my feet and cools me grounding me. .

Sand greets the ocean as she reaches the shore. She cradles the shells and other items that spill from the ocean depths. The dunes protect the inland from the ocean when she threatens to spill from her bed.

I hear so many people complain about the sand. They hate how it feels on their skin and how it gets into everything. But sand is part of the deal if you love the beach. You must make peace with it.

Playing in the sand, shifting it between my fingers, molding it into different forms awakens my creativity. Mutable and impermanent I can try out different forms, creating and recreating as I please. Whatever I create I can knock it down myself or watch it disappear into the ocean.

Beauty can be created. Creations can be dissolved into the sea. It reminds me that nothing lasts forever except the experience left as a memory.

As I go through my life I make imprints in the sand. Eventually they are washed away as I continue to make new imprints in the sand.  Those imprints can be light and soft or hard and wet. Life’s steps can be a slow hard walk at times, with sadness and tears or light and free, with smiles and laughter. I can chose how I make those imprints either stomping or running through the sand, or strolling or dancing down the beach.

My feet move in the sand as I dance. It sometimes shifts and knocks me off balance but it is the foundation under my feet. It catches each step, even a misstep. It shifts and moves but is constantly under my feet supporting me as I move through each step of life.

 Dancing in the sand is one of foundation and balance. It is one of missteps and shifts. It is warm and hard, dry and wet. It is one of stability and steadfastness as well as  and foundation of your life. Making imprints that you leave behind in your experiences and the memories you create. Knowing that focusing on the steps you are making at this moment are what matter because we know that the ones behind us are vanishing into the ocean of our life.

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