Dancing on an Empty Beach

I am all alone on the beach. The cold of winter has set in. No one around but me. I often feel alone in the world. Sometimes being alone is exactly what I want and need. Sometimes loneliness set in.

For most of my life I have hated being alone. I have been afraid of being alone.

Timidly I begin to flow movements together, yoga and ballet and I am dancing. I let my spirit flow out of me. I am lost in myself in the movement. I am one with my body with my spirit in control.

In this moment of despair mixed with the joy and peace I feel at the ocean my spirit begins to burst free. The ocean and the empty beach allow my creative expression to be set free.This taste of freedom ignites a flame that I do not want to put out.

Dancing on the Beach was born in that moment.

I am living both my dream, living at the ocean, and my nightmare, living alone. I awaken each morning from the nightmare and know that it is just a dream, a creation of my imagination and not the reality of me. I go out to the beach alone in the winter cold and dance.

No one is watching me. No one cares who I am or how I act or behave. I can be silly. I can be me.

Aloneness gives me freedom to be myself, to make my own choices, to do what is in my heart. I have no one to answer to but myself. It is often in our darkest moments, in the depths of despair when our hearts and souls come forward to show us who we truly are.

Alone on an empty beach I feel a strong sense of identity of who I am and who I can become. I do not depend on the validation of anyone else. I am confident in my own unique abilities and worth of my life.

Now I need to embrace this feeling of freedom and confidence in who I am and who I want to be. I must bring what is hidden deep inside out into the world without fear of judgment.

Self-expression is liberating and healing.

I need to feel comfortable and confident to dance my own unique dance in a crowd, in life, in the world.

I must live every day and every moment like I am dancing on the beach alone on a cold winter day and feel the warm summer sun shining down upon me.

This Dance is free, passionate, a true expression of one’s heart and spirit not influenced by what others think. Listen to your inner voice, listen to your heart, Let go, Set your Spirit Free, Dance with passion, Express Yourself, Be Yourself.

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