Dancing to the Sunrise

I awake every morning with my need to see the ocean. I am pulled to it. I cannot begin to function without breathing it in through all of my senses. I anxiously head to the beach to be drawn into the breath of life. I stand on the crossover and look out over the ocean, scanning the horizon and breathe.

Down the steps, my feet step into the sand I walk down to the shoreline. The sun begins to show itself, slowly inching from beneath the horizon.

This is the most gratifying moment of the day.

I stand in reverence. Moments of meditation watching the sun rise from beneath the ocean to sit upon the horizon. A ball of brilliance. Magnificent in her glory of color, red, orange, yellow against the dark blue sea and the light blue sky.

A new day, full of promise. No matter what happened yesterday, I can start fresh again today.

I walk towards the ocean and she comes up and greets me. ”Good Morning” I say as the ocean washes over my toes and the sunlight shines over me.

I reach up and pull the sun’s energy towards my body. I open my arms to receive the energy of the sun and the ocean. Only she knows how to take care of me. The ocean and sun are true and consistent friends. She allows and encourages me to face the day no matter what it may bring.

Everything I need is contained right here in this moment. Life is formed from her, lived in her, dies with her. This is where God exists for me.  I begin to move with them.


This Dance is a slow dance….a dance of greeting and new beginnings…. stillness and peace. It is one of originality. Taking the first steps. Just get going. Move your feet and enter into the dance and see where it takes you.

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