Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Couples I know are having a romantic getaway or a diner out and that is a wonderful expression of love. We most often think of romantic love but love is so much more than that. Love is in each present moment, in the things you love, in beauty, in nature, in joy and in all relationships.

Our first relationship is the one we have with ourselves. All other relationships as well as how you live your life all begin with you. If you do not love yourself you do not have the ability to love others unconditionally.

Love is who you are. It is how you see yourself, how you treat yourself and how you express yourself. Love is the compassionate, harmonious, accepting, understanding essence of your soul.

It seems appropriate that this is a focus for me right now. I am currently creating  programs, FootSteps in the Sand & Dancing Beyond the BreakersStep into Yourself – Step into Your Life that focus on having a loving relationship with yourself and in having a loving self-concept of yourself. It may seem unusual for a Valentine’s post to have this focus but that is what I am writing about today.

Our relationship with ourselves is often neglected. We put ourselves last or ignore our needs and desires. We are often not very nice to ourselves with negative talk. We don’t have compassion for ourselves or offer love to ourselves. If we are not loving towards our self how can we be loving towards others?

What is your relationship with yourself?

When you feel love within you own heart and mind it awakens your love for life itself.

As you feel safe and loved from within all your other relationships will flourish and thrive.

See only love in yourself and in others.

Allow yourself to be grateful for the gifts that you have received from each and every relationship you have ever had.

It is safe for you to love and be loved.


Be-love today in all your thoughts and actions with yourself and with others.

Allow yourself to spontaneously experience love in all of its various aspects.

Do something loving for yourself and someone else today.

Celebrate Love in whatever form it appears for you today.

Loving thoughts from me to you….