Reflection & Celebration

The last day of the year. I am reflecting on this year.

I have wonderful highlights.

My 2 birthday parties (and yes I had 2 parties) – One at Sears Landing on our regular wine and wing night. The other at my favorite place to hang out with wonderful friends, Swingebridge Beer and Wine. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends and acquaintances I have here in this island community.

My daughter, Monica’s visit in July, all the fun we had and the party of celebration of family and friends I had at Swingebridge Beer and Wine while she was here.

And my friend Jason playing great music both for my birthday and for Monica’s party. And of course all those wine and beer tasting at Swingebridge.

My Caribbean Cruise trip with my sister. Spending time with my sister and watching her have fun! Being at sea, meeting the Captain, the cultural experiences of the different islands, and of course the beaches.

Each day is blessed with grace because I am able to spend random moments looking at the ocean and on the beach. The weather this year has been warm even the rain and fog have created wonderful moments.

Looking over my Creative Life Plan for 2015 I see the activities I have accomplished and the dreams that have come true and the dreams I am making forward progress towards. There are actions and activities that have been completed and released.

In creating a life plan rather than yearly goals or resolutions, I see the progress I am making towards my vision of myself and my life. I see the dreams I am still moving towards. I also see things that I have lost interest in or that no longer seem important to me. I can release and let these items go. They are no longer necessary for me to move forward.

A new vision is arising – I am taking the parts of this vision and adding new aspects to adjust and create the vision that I now desire. This is why I revise my Creative Life Plan at the beginning of each year. Sometimes I even adjust it around my birthday which is my personal year. And I maintain the option to change or adjust it at any time throughout the year.

I will carry the wonderful experiences that have added value, joy, love, beauty, awe, and enthusiasm to my life as well as those that are moving me forward into my greater vision of myself and my life. Creating memories to keep and inspiration to keep me moving forward.

I am letting go of the old and worn out, those dead dreams, those rough sea days that tested my spirit but keeping the courage and strength I received from them.
Today I am reflecting and letting go.

I urge you to Reflect. Feel great about all you have accomplished and experienced. Appreciate all the wonderful beauty you have enjoyed. Be grateful for family and friends who have been there for you. Be proud of yourself for all the rough seas you have successfully steered through and the courage, strength and knowledge you have acquired because of it. Appreciate the simple daily pleasures that are the very foundation of joy in your life.

Tonight I will Celebrate Life- My life – and all the possibilities and experiences that wait me in this New Year. I am opening to what will be, what can be and all the possibilities that await me out on the horizon.

Celebrate all that has happened, how much you have accomplished, how far you have come this past year. Look forward into the New Year with belief in yourself and faith that you are who you desire to be and live the vision you have for yourself.

Celebrate YOU!

Tomorrow I will begin to share with you my Creative Life Plan.