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Carnival Destiny Part 1: Finding Each other in the Miami Airport

Somewhat impulsive this trip is. Susan texted me two months ago and said, “Let’s go on a cruise. I want to go on a trip.” I hesitated briefly but whatever Susan wanted I knew I had to do. She has been the one dealing with Mom and her Alzheimer’s while I have stayed here going on with my life. Besides I haven’t been on a cruise in years and this was a great way to spend some time with my sister.

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Our First Cruise – Cruising in a Hurricane!

We left Boston on slightly rough seas. As the night progressed the seas got more turbulent. By morning I knew we were in for a wild ride. The ships staff were battening down the hatches. Decks were cleared. Doors were locked. We were informed by the Captain that we were in for rough seas as a hurricane had developed in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was lunging and lurching. Walking down the halls straight was impossible.

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Introduction to Our Sister Adventures

Our first cruise on the original Carnival ship, the Mardi Gras was an adventure at sea. We encountered a hurricane roaming erratically in the Atlantic. Several cruises later we embarked on a maiden voyage of a new ship. Eventually our cruise days dwindled and real life, marriage and children took precedent. But I was ever so great for the opportunity to be at sea and go on so many wonderful cruises. The memories sustained me and I always knew one day I would return to the sea and traveling.