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Life and cruising life sure has taken a turn since just 8 weeks ago when Sisters Travel Adventures joined the The Second Row Cruise on the Carnival Magic. I have yet to write about that adventure. Being in kind of dilemma about writing about cruising and traveling. The cruising word has gone into a pause of which we are not sure how long it will be before passengers are allowed to once again board a cruise ship. 

I sit here at homeport looking out at the beautiful blue ocean and feel the sparkle of the sea. Yet I can not even walk over to the beach to enjoy it up close. I have not even felt like thinking ahead to when I can finally return to my love of cruising and travel. And so then I haven’t written about my latest journey.

Susan on the other-hand is home dreaming and planning more cruises than we can handle -well at least not financially.

The last few days I have finally seen some very creative and positive posts about cruising and it has helped lift my spirits. 

Maybe just maybe you might want to read about our Second Row Group cruise on the Carnival Magic. I could sure use some magic inspiration and words right now. Maybe you could too. So I have sent a shout out to all those who were with me on the Second Row cruise and have asked them all to share their experiences-let’s hope that some of them do and I will put together a post on what it was like to cruise with my first group – that I put together and arranged and organized. 

And to make things interesting- it was a combination group of family and friends! 

As I gather the material and my notes, thoughts and weave them together to share with you, I want to say- Keep dreaming of the places you would love to go, the ships you would love to cruise on. Dream Big- Put together that travel bucket list- fine tune it. 

And I will reignite my passion during this pause of cruising and travel life. 

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