The Beach at Topsail Island

The Beach at Topsail Island

This is where I live. Topsail Island is 26 miles long and a mile wide at its widest section.

Standing on the beach I can see for miles in either direction. You can walk all 26 miles along the island and around the southern tip. The island consists of three communities., North Topsail Beach on the north end. Surf City is the center and hub of the island. Topsail Beach is on the south end of the island.

In the summer the island is busy with activity and tourists.



The north end of the island jets out into the Atlantic ocean. She is settling into the ocean each day. Here you will find an area that is less crowded. It changes rapidly from day to day.





The southern end of the beach is quieter. If you want to be alone this is the place to come. This is the Community of Topsail Beach.

More pictures and information about Topsail to come. Check back!




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