Epic Cruise Adventure Highlights

For those of you who don’t want to read the full feature articles on our Epic Cruise Adventure – Here are some highlights maybe it will intrigue you enough to read and find out what happened!

• Flight to Athens cancelled! 24 hours in Heathrow Airport
• Arrived in Greece at 3AM Arrived at hotel in port city of Piraeus at 5 AM
• Meeting New People and Making New Friends
• Hanging out in the piano bar with Ben
• Discovering Edd Carr in the Red Frog Pub!
• All the new friends I met in the piano bar & Red Frog Pub
• Family Harbor Lounge! What a treat and a wonderful perk!
• Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
• Woken up at 4 am with an engine emergency
• Meeting the Captain
• SkyRide and great outside decks to hang out on
• Dinner in the Dining Room – great tablemates and servers!
• Losing track of what day it was Too Many Ports!
• Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Azores, Bermuda, New York City
• Eating pasta and tiramisu though Italy
• B2B 23 days on board! Not having to change cabins
• Dressing up
• Medical Emergency Passenger air lifted off ship
• Rough Seas and Rocking & Rolling
• 4 Fun Sea Days in a row! Out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
• Behind the Fun Tour
• The singing Matri’ d Ken in the dining room and on stage
• Matri’d Ken arranging for the chef to cook a special meal of pasta for me!
• Sitting in the first row of a Broadway Show

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