Ready to Travel Again

As we continue to wait for cruising to resume, I have talked my sister into doing a land vacation. It will be quick and short but full packed with time spend exploring and enjoying even under the current circumstances of life.

Having had several cruises cancelled and several in a holding pattern, I felt like it was time to try something besides a cruise. I myself have done a trip to the west coast.

My sister has a difficult time imagining travel as anything but a cruise, with maybe a day or two in our port area before a cruise. Exploring somewhere new is travel to me!

Susan is missing doing planning a trip since I have had her on hold not booking anymore cruises until cruising resumes. So I gave her full range in planning this trip. It is also a celebration of her Birthday which is the day before we leave. (I actually thought the idea was to be on the trip for her birthday but she kept adjusting the dates and so now we arrive the day after)

So New Orleans here we come! May 5 – May 10

We will be meeting in the Charlotte airport, my flight arriving from Wilmington and her flight from Boston. From there we will fly on the same flight to New Orleans.

From there I am following and trusting Susan! I am pretty sure the hotel is in the French Quarter. I know she has made reservations for tours and dinners all over town. Just hoping I have enough time to wander and explore aimlessly!


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