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Journey Cruise: Carnival Triumph

Sister’s Travel Diaries Series Cruising the Past, Present and the Future My sister, Susan and I began taking cruises when we… read more Journey Cruise: Carnival Triumph

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Where has the Summer Gone??

To begin with I must apologize for disappearing this summer. Summer time is always a busy time of year here on Topsail Island. This summer has been no exception.

Tourists have arrived in swarms it seems. Keeping the shops and stores busy.  It makes our work days longer with little time off.  That is great for the local economy that relies so much on these few short months to survive all year.

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Todays Thought: Thunderstorms

we had a torrential downpour and awe inspiring thunderstorm. We could see it building south of us. And then lightening not only lit up the sky but crashed down around us. Several strikes on the island caused power outages. Emergency vehicles were out and about everywhere. The sirens screamed and screamed for at least an hour.

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Todays Thoughts: A Sunday in June

This morning, a June Sunday morning, I woke to the sunrise. I headed for the beach early before the crowd would become to arrive. The tide was low, the sun was heating up already. It is going to be a hot one today. There is a slight cooling breeze off the ocean helping the beach feel comfortable at the moment.

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Freedom Cruise: San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico The ship docks early in the morning. It is still dark outside! The disembarking begins before… read more Freedom Cruise: San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Freedom Cruise: Ports of Call

This is Sisters Travel Adventures: Part 3 of Freedom Cruise Series Ports of Call This could be could also be… read more Freedom Cruise: Ports of Call

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Freedom Cruise: Carnival Splendor

This is part 2 of Sisters Travel Adventures: Freedom Cruise Carnival Splendor Carnival Splendor Susan and I walk arrive at the pier and… read more Freedom Cruise: Carnival Splendor

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Freedom Cruise: New York City

I haven’t been to NYC in at least 25 years. Living outside Boston we sometimes would go to NYC to visit with family. We most often stayed out on Staten Island or Long Island and would just come into Manhattan to do the sightseeing stuff. I would like to come back and indulge in the atmosphere and culture of the city beyond the normal tourist sights. It is exciting to go back even for just overnight.

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The Beach

The beach is the in-between place between the ocean and the land. It is where transition and change take place…. read more The Beach

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The Ocean

I live on an island, no matter how good or bad the day is, I get to see the magnificent ocean. I slip into a peaceful state of relaxation where all my cares and woes drift out to sea. The ocean brings her energy to me and she revives me. My senses come alive. I see clearly. I hear the songs of the waves. I smell each scent that blows on the wind. I taste the water and the air. I feel the particles of sand on my feet and particles of water and salt on my skin.