Where has the Summer Gone??

To begin with I must apologize for disappearing this summer. Summer time is always a busy time of year here on Topsail Island. This summer has been no exception.

Tourists have arrived in swarms it seems. Keeping the shops and stores busy.  It makes our work days longer with little time off.  That is great for the local economy that relies so much on these few short months to survive all year.

Working more hours and then trying to enjoy as much beach time as I love fills many hours and days. However, that is not what kept me off the computer and from posting articles. I actually did write an article – the next installment of Sister Travel Adventures and then forgot I had written it as I got sidetracked with a major life situation.

At the end of June my roommates and I received notice of termination of our lease as the house we had been renting for five years was to be ready and put on the market for sale. We did know that this would happen eventually but really thought that the owners aware of how life revolves on the island would wait until after the summer season to make us leave. Wrong!!!

Finding a new place to live as the summer season approaches is the worst possible time. And with not enough time to actually find a place and actually move it was a challenge. I requested an extension so we could move after the season was over but it was denied. So we began looking for a needle in a haystack.

Mermaids, Dolphins, Angels, Universal Flow, Karma and Connections all came together for us and a wonderful miracle happened. A house became available to us closer to the beach on second row. A cute little pink house across from a beach access with an upper deck with an ocean view! A blessing in disguise.

Moving consumed my summer, packing and packing, moving and unpacking. I have been writing but haven’t been on the computer much at all. I have been enthralled and entrenched in real life. These last weeks have been wonderful.

I have been spending much more time on the beach. I have been scribbling on pages of notebooks. I have had visitors, my sister, my daughter and a friend. Life has been good after a month and a half of not good. It has been worth it but in the living I have lapsed on one of my passions. Writing and connecting with you through my writing.

Now I am preparing for another Sister Travel Adventure and realized that the last adventure never got posted. I knew I had started writing it but didn’t realize that I had finished it and put it aside to edit and get the pictures together.

I am dusting it off now and finishing the editing. Getting the photos connected will take some time but I am determined to get them done in the next week of so. I will intertwine this with preparing for our next adventure and will give you some info on our next adventure before we leave.

Hope you rejoin me in my Adventures; Life is taking a wonderful new turn after the summer storm has dissipated. My love of the ocean is back in full swing as I sit from my new room looking out the door at her roaring waves from a tropical depression out at sea.

Live Life, Enjoy, Go on Adventures. Let life take you on Adventures and see where it may lead you.


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