Storms of the Sea and Life

Storms of the Sea and Life have a way of steering you into uncharted waters. I find myself adrift at sea as we are pounded by hurricanes.

I thought I was just on a side road of life while I was evacuated from Hurricane Florence. My side road was a very pleasant journey. I was fortunate enough that our home was only modestly damaged and easily fixed. And the silver lining was that we would be getting new flooring in our living area and my bedroom. Life in our area was picking up the pieces quickly. I thought that a good portion of my life was settling back in nicely.

And then Hurricane Michael came along. Hurricane Michael is blowing everything around and upsetting the progress that was happening.

All this is not only what is happening outside my window, my own inner world is mirroring what seems to be happening in the outer world. It seems that something unexpected shifted and it upset my getting back on my feet the way I had expected. The wind has stirred up something inside me that is pushing me forward into some significant  change.

Storms have a way to make you look at what is important in your life. What matters. What you can count on. I was already contemplating what my next step would be. I had already taken a step in one direction to move forward with a new endeavor.

This wind of change has made me shift that direction again. Steering me closer to my heart’s desire in the present and not an old desire and dream that I felt like I should continue.

Sometimes just one change in a pattern that you counted on for security shifts and it makes you realize that that security has been holding your back. Maybe you shouldn’t have counted on it being there because now a piece is missing and it isn’t capable of being that security anymore. A decision by someone else can unsettle you enough to alter the way you feel and see everything.

So as an island community we are picking up the pieces of our lives, shifting through them and repairing what we need. As a an individual my sense of security has become a sense of uncertainty. And since I am blow into a place of uncertainty why not step into the unknown. Instead of repairing the life I left before the storm why don’t I move forward and build a new foundation one that is not depended on a sense of security but rather builds to a solid foundation of potential.

The strength to rebuild is within us. And as a community and with help we will return to the beach that is the heart and soul of our community, life and spirit.

I have always loved storms and despite how disruptive and destructive these tow storms have been, for me it is a time to follow the changes in the wind and harness the energy to make my own changes. It begins with a shift in priorities, beliefs and thoughts. Then it steps into steps of actions that will shift the energy working with the wind.

The hurricanes that have disrupted my days has stirred up the energy of courage to create something new, something magical. Shifting seas have opened up uncharted waters to be explored. I am willing to sail across those waves even when the swells are intense because I know that there is amazing beauty hidden in the depths of the ocean. And once the storm dissipates and the waters calm once again. I can use the wind to steer my sails into those uncharted places. And who knows what I will discover.

The ocean called me here. Now the ocean is calling me to explore uncharted waters and new lands.

Can’t wait to see what the next step in my journey is. Keep watching for changes and some exciting new details…

What new adventures and journeys are calling to you?

Author: cathy33

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