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Surfing the Ocean Waves

The roar of the waves sound like a jet engine heading down the runway  at breakneck speed to take off into the air. Cascades of white foam waterfalls form as the waves crest and breaks. Lines of foam bubbles speed towards shore and knock down anything in their way.

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Island Life as I Know it is Slipping Away Day by Day….

The island life as I have known it is slipping away day by day. I watch the pilings and progress on… read more Island Life as I Know it is Slipping Away Day by Day….

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Where has the Summer Gone??

To begin with I must apologize for disappearing this summer. Summer time is always a busy time of year here on Topsail Island. This summer has been no exception.

Tourists have arrived in swarms it seems. Keeping the shops and stores busy.  It makes our work days longer with little time off.  That is great for the local economy that relies so much on these few short months to survive all year.

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Our First Cruise – Cruising in a Hurricane!

We left Boston on slightly rough seas. As the night progressed the seas got more turbulent. By morning I knew we were in for a wild ride. The ships staff were battening down the hatches. Decks were cleared. Doors were locked. We were informed by the Captain that we were in for rough seas as a hurricane had developed in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was lunging and lurching. Walking down the halls straight was impossible.