The Beach

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The beach is the in-between place between the ocean and the land. It is where transition and change take place. It is a sacred space of healing and comfort. Here on the beach, I can experience all of the shades of life and self.

I sit on the beach and dream. I listen to the wisdom of the sea…so many lessons to learn….so many joys to experience…so much beauty to see. It is all here to savor.

The beach is where I have contemplated life, my life, where I have been, where I am going.

I come here with my confusion and a restless spirit, disconnected and broken. I come here with all of my faults, my inadequacies, my regrets, my sadness, my heartache. I give them all to the sea, tossing them into the wind and into the waves.

I come here with my joy and happiness. I come here with my gratitude and love. I come here with abundance to share.  It is the cradle that allows me to experience the ocean.

The sand has emotional power all its own. It is impressionable, mutable and impermanent. It opens the doors of the unconscious and awakens our creativity. Building sandcastles or creating a master piece knowing we can change it easily. Aware that the ocean will wash it away eventually.

Here on the beach everything comes together.  I never know what I will find on the beach. I may be alone and find myself basking in stillness and serenity. I may find connection and friendship with others. I may find playfulness and fun. I may find a storm brewing off shore, racing towards me. As the landscape of the beach is changed by the tides of the sea I am changed by my experiences of the beach.

On the beach you can shift with the tides through changes of yourself and your life. You can contemplate how you want to be, who you want to become and how your life will expand. You can try out new possibilities in the sand.

The beach offers you a place to sit and relax, dream your cares away, frolic in the ocean, play in the sand. You can take a walk and explore the shoreline of yourself and your life or just enjoy the natural beauty of the earth, sea and sky.

You can dare to dance beyond the breakers and let go of inhibitions and dance to the rhythm and tune of the waves or the song stuck in your head or a tune from within your heart.

Laugh, play, sing, dance, expressing your inner child and your truest deepest self.

Transition and vision merge together. Just be and see what the tides bring to your feet.

What wonders and possibilities and treasures are here for you. What might you discover?


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