The Ocean

I live on an island, no matter how good or bad the day is, I get to see the magnificent ocean. I slip into a peaceful state of relaxation where all my cares and woes drift out to sea. The ocean brings her energy to me and she revives me. My senses come alive. I see clearly. I hear the songs of the waves. I smell each scent that blows on the wind. I taste the water and the air. I feel the particles of sand on my feet and particles of water and salt on my skin.

The waves lull me into the present moment….into stillness.  I am in awe of her beauty.

Life is determined in the present moment and its glory is in the details. The different colors of the ocean can change in an instant. It shifts and changes with the light right before my eyes. The colors can range between a grey green to glistening blue with white dancing dots to hundreds of shades not just green and blue but purple, pink, brown and black. It is diverse from shore to horizon in any given moment.  I might miss it if I am not paying attention.

The ocean is where I go to pray when my life has hit some crisis or a brick wall or is just stale or I am stuck. The ocean reaches into my weakest moments and reminds me that I am strong.

It is where I go to be alone to connect to nature, to myself, to life, to God. It is where God is for me. I am drawn to this place. It calls to me. I hear the sound of the waves no matter where I am and I must go to her.

It is where I go to express my gratitude when things go right, when something good happens or I am just having a decent day.

Here I look out over her surface to the horizon and stand on the horizon of myself, my hopes and dreams. My life is contained within the depths of her.

My connection to the ocean is where I connect to myself. Here is where I really go inside myself, into my heart, into my soul.

At the ocean the color blue eases us into feelings of relaxation and security, our blood pressure drops, and stress eases away. The sounds of the ocean calms our emotions, triggers deep memories, and activates self-reflection.

Exposure to the ocean helps put our self and our life in perspective as we look out to the horizon and realize the depths of the ocean itself. Nature is one ingredient to a happy state of mind, emotional well-being and mental energy. The rewards and effects can continue long after you return to your day to day life. Pictures can bring you back to these feelings and state of being. Still it is important to be there to go to the beach and activate these feelings as often as possible.

I have always felt the call of the ocean but I was never able to answer it. I have always felt like a fish living out of the water. I never quite fit in on the landlocked world. For many years I lived in the woods and the mountains. The lakes, rivers and streams kept me alive when I was barely breathing but they never truly nourished me. It never felt like home. Their energy and beauty gave me hope while reminding me that water was my substance.

If one believes in astrology then it makes sense that I am so at home at the sea. I am a Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, one swimming with the current and the other against the current. This sums up my life in simple terms. I grew up with two distinct parts of myself in conflict with each other.

When I arrived on this island I knew I had found home even though it was far away from everyone and everything I had ever known. I met a woman who, after speaking with me for a few minutes, recognized me as a Sister Mermaid. I had never thought of myself as a Mermaid before but it fit. Suddenly my whole life fell into place.

The ocean is my soul. It gives me peace. It touches my heart. It gives me love. It gives me joy. It gives me hope. It gives me life. I am blessed and graced because of it. I am grateful for the abundance it brings to me, for the substance and nourishment that it provides me. I can never again live without being near her.

People who know the ocean as I do call it beautiful or amazing….I just call it mine…my home. You are welcome to make it yours as well. There is more than enough to share.

The ocean with her magnificent waves, her depth and expansiveness out to the horizon is my home. It is where I belong.

My love of the ocean, the beach and dancing make my heart sing.

When I hear the music of the ocean my feet have to jump and move for joy. When I see dolphins frolicking in the sea, I must join them. Dancing is an expression of my passion for the ocean.

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