Pauses and Moving Forward

For the last three years, I have been focused on rewriting and editing my memoir. Everything else was put on the back burner. I stepped away from doing workshops and even coaching. Now, the book is done, published and out in the world.

I have spent the summer doing a little marketing, some free writing and outline ideas for a new book. Mostly though I have taken a break spending as much time as possible on the beach, doing some wine tasting and hanging out with friends.

I believe in pauses although sometimes I get on my own case about taking too long of a pause! Still the beach is where I receive my inspirations and write my best rough drafts. So I have a collection of notes and free writes that have begun to spark some ideas.

I still have some more book marketing to do and a new book to write. Yet I feel like it is time for me to step out from behind the computer more and get back out into the world again. Spending time with friends and with tourists all around probably has made me restless about sitting alone all day with only my thoughts and computer! I am basically an introvert but I am very social.

So I have decided to get back out into the public arena connecting with you, meeting you and interacting with you besides just sharing myself through my writing. In September, I plan on reopening my coaching practice and taking on new clients.

As part of that I am going to begin offering a new service, I am not sure what to call it really but for the moment I have just been describing it as group coaching. It is group coaching but with a workshop kind of structure mixed with group coaching.

Instead of making it like a six or eight week group coaching sessions where a regular group meet for coaching together each week, I will be offering what can be stand-alone workshop/coaching sessions. Each week we will focus on a specific topic,we will share insights, feelings and ideas about the topic in coaching session structure.

I thought of this idea because I am based in an area where there is a flux of people who come and go, visit or live here part-time. I know that it is hard to commit to attending a session every week. Although I hope people will come to several different sessions you don’t have to. You can come to the topics that directly relate to you and skip ones that don’t. It allows for those of you visiting the island to attend a session and enrich your vacation. It is a way to receive coaching and learn about new ways to enhance and enrich your life integrating self-care, self-discovery and self-expression into your life.

With group coaching those who would love the mentoring and support that coaching provides it also adds community and affordability.

I am not sure how not having a regular group week to week and instead having new people some weeks and some of the same people other weeks will work but I am hoping it adds new ideas and energy each week.

I would love for you to help me make this work for you. This idea of workshop/coaching sessions will make it more flexible and affordable for you to get coaching, information, strategies and support in your journey to become the person you are meant to be, to step more fully into your life, take actions in alignment with your passions, joys, and authentic self.

So come try it out and tell me what you think and allow me to fine tune this new program.

I will be offering two sessions this month to begin. Then after my vacation I will be offering these workshop sessions every Tuesday throughout the rest of the year. The sessions will be held at The Mermaid’s Purse – Surf City – Topsail Island.


How might your life be different if there was a place for you to go

To be nurtured, to cultivate a sense of self, a deeper knowing of and connection to your deepest truest self

To find the place within where you feel centered, calm and confident

To see the possibilities in yourself and your life no matter what your circumstances

To feel safe in opening your heart, trusting your inner wisdom

To be present in the beauty and joy of life

To take a leap of faith and live into your dreams?


Self-Care, Self-Discovery, Self-Expression

Time For You Tuesdays 6-8pm

A Place for You to heal, learn, discover and get in touch with your authentic, creative, joyful self. Here you will learn to merge your true being, desires and passions into your everyday life and live a life you love.

 Each Tuesday at The Mermaid’s Purse the Time for You – Women’s Group Life Coaching Sessions will provide you with techniques, strategies and actions that honor, support and nurture you to make time for yourself and your passions in your life, fully experience your life through joy while creating the life you desire.

Each week will focus on a different topic of self-care/self-nurturing, self-discovery and self-expression. You will share your journeys together offering each other encouragement and support.


Our First Topics will be:

August 21 –Make Room for You in Your Life: Strategies for Making Time for Yourself in Your Overflowing Life.

August 28 – Being Present: Mindfulness for Everyday

For Location -Details and to Register email


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