Vacation to Evacuation

Last week I was on the Carnival Paradise enjoying a Sisters Travel Adventure. By Saturday I knew I was going home to Hurricane Florence heading right towards my island Paradise.

Monday was an anxious day of air travel arriving back on the island in the evening.

Tuesday was filled with preparations for the oncoming storm, bringing everything in from outside, having Windows boarded up and storm doors closed and locked. As many items as possible put in watertight bins, making evacuation plans, and collecting what I needed to take with me.

Friends checking in with each other. Our island community is close and we each were concerned about our homes and our safety.

Late in the afternoon I said good-bye to my home and housemates. I left the island to friends on the mainland. I spent the night there with them as we prepared to head inland away from the coast.

I have weathered several hurricanes over the years but this time it feels so different. I knew as I saw the models this storm had to be taken seriously. No hunkering down and riding it out.

By afternoon the mandatory evacuation order was sent out. And so the evacuation plan was in motion

Wednesday morning, I left with my friends who had offered me passage to Ashville. On the road we were all having such mixed emotions. The thought of leaving everything behind was heartbreaking yet our personal safety was our concern.

Late afternoon we arrived in Ashville. We met up with my cousin Art who has graciously offered me a place to stay during this time of uncertainty.

This beautiful home and hospitality is the silverlining as I watch the reports come in. I fear for my home and island life bur I am safe whatever happens.

Thursday- I have spent the day back and forth watching reports fron the island, connecting with friends, enjoying the view from my cousins back deck and trying focus on the blessing of my cruise experience and writing.

I will keep you updated the best I can as I weather the uncertainty of the storm and life.



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