The Dance

Life is a Dance. Life is in constant motion. We are in constant movement. We move through phases, transitions and situations. Sometimes we know the steps and sometime we make them up, improvising as we go along. My dance has had many missteps and many times when I clearly didn’t know the steps.

What I have learned is that I don’t need or want to dance the steps of other people’s dances. I want to create my own dance. I have wasted too much of my life trying to learn the steps of everyone else’s dances. I have been held back by the rigidity of a set pattern of steps. It was fine to learn a variety of steps but I don’t need to do them in the same structure and pattern as anyone else.

Now that I know the basic steps I need to put them together in a way that sings from my soul. And I need to make up a few of my own moves too! I need to Just Be Me.

Learn the basic steps but make up your own dance and add a touch of your own steps to make your heart sing.


The Dance is Your Dance. How you move through life expresses who you are and how you feel about yourself and your life. Dancing is the creative expression of how you feel.


It takes courage and practice to learn the steps to your own dance. It takes stillness, reflection and contemplation. You must hear your heart and listen deeply to your soul.

Nature gives us the passage to guide us into those places deep within us. We must listen closely in order to hear the whispers of our heart and the music of our soul.

Listen to the wave’s roar, their rhythmic pattern, regular and irregular, the sound they make as they lap upon the shore. the ocean is calling you to come listen to its song..

Step out onto the beach. Walk down beside the water. Stand still. Listen to the sounds around you. Let the sounds around you lead you within.

Sit upon the sand. Look out over the horizon. Go within. Listen carefully. What is the ocean saying to you? What is the wind whispering in your ear?

Now go deeper into your heart. It has something important to say to you. Listen. Your heart is beating steadily. It has its own rhythm. That is part of your tune.

Listen to the sounds of your body. They are humming a tune.

Listen to your soul it is wanting to connect with you and tell you its secrets. It is singing your tune. The song that is yours and yours alone.

Hear it?

When you do – Get up and begin to move.

Listen to the sounds of nature. Move in any way that feels comfortable.

Walk making footprints in the Sand. Walk into the water. Splash your feet. Skip, Hop. Whatever movements your body wants to make.

Now go deeper add the sounds of your heart. Begin to express those heart felt desires. Relax into it. Maybe now you are combining some dance and yoga moves or just jumping around splashing in the water.

Now go deeper and add the music your soul is singing to you. Let go of any inhibitions. Be completely present with yourself, body, mind and spirit. Let it soar. Dance like no one is watching!

Keep going until your spirit is free and you are Dancing Beyond the Breakers!

And if you want to sing or laugh or yell – Go for it!

Now Take Your Dance Out into the World

Be an Authentic Self-Expression of Who You Are

Dance to Your Own Song!

And Remember to change the steps as you move through your life Always continue to listen to your soul and Create New Steps as you go along

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