Closer but Not Home Yet

Yesterday we drove from Ashville to Surf City. It was a long winding road around flooded areas and closed roads. Arriving at my friends house off the island where there was no power yet.

Everything here is much better than we had anticipated when the hurricane was barreling towards us.

Dinner cooked on the grill with food we bought at a grocery store we saw as we were getting closer to home.

After dinner sitting on the back porch with candles and small lanterns the power flicked on – as fast as our excitement bubbled was as long as it lasted and we were in the dark again.

Lightning in the sky gave us flashes of light as we waited for the power to come back on. Our prayers were answered. Lights came on. The air conditioning kicked in this time.

And then everything went dark again. The lightening was our light once again. We wondered if we would have power at all during the evening.

When the power clicked on a third time we didn’t trust it would last but we hoped the third time would stick.

Morning and the power is still on. Thank you.

My friends are home and beginning to assess and get their house back to normal and settle in.

I wait still. We are still not being allowed on tbe island. News is slow to come out.

We do know that there is power on at least in Surf City and the roads are being cleared. There seems to be more damage on the north and south ends.

Everyone is anxious to get back on the island to see what kind of damage they have and begin the process of taking care of it.

It has been a week now since most of us left our homes and businesses.  Days have passed since the storm moved out of our area.

It is time to go home.

Waiting inpatiently now.



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