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Hurricane Florence: Back on the island

The anticipation of returning of the island heightened each day they delayed entry. Finally on Thursday September 20 residents were… read more Hurricane Florence: Back on the island

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Closer but Not Home Yet

Yesterday we drove from Ashville to Surf City. It was a long winding road around flooded areas and closed roads…. read more Closer but Not Home Yet

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Evacuation Hurricane Florence

I love storms. I always have but this time I had a pit in my stomach unlike any I have ever had in anticipation of a pending storm. It is the first time I felt the need to evacuate.

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Vacation to Evacuation

Last week I was on the Carnival Paradise enjoying a Sisters Travel Adventure. By Saturday I knew I was going… read more Vacation to Evacuation

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Our First Cruise – Cruising in a Hurricane!

We left Boston on slightly rough seas. As the night progressed the seas got more turbulent. By morning I knew we were in for a wild ride. The ships staff were battening down the hatches. Decks were cleared. Doors were locked. We were informed by the Captain that we were in for rough seas as a hurricane had developed in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was lunging and lurching. Walking down the halls straight was impossible.