Evacuation Hurricane Florence

I love storms. I always have but this time I had a pit in my stomach unlike any I have ever had in anticipation of a pending storm. It is the first time I felt the need to evacuate.

I was concerned even before it became mandatory to leave our barrier island. Decided to leave was just a moment of hesitation but my stomach told me to leave.

I have been back and forth between concern for my island home and the need to know what is happening there while enjoying my stay visiting with my cousin.

I am comfortable and content yet constantly checking social media for information and staying in contact with friends scattered all about.

I am relaxed yet alert. It is an odd contradiction of emotions.

Hoping to return home to find things ok and return to normal life. Yet I am happy with the uncertainty and spontaneous flow of day to day life.

Visiting with family, conversations, fun, new experiences, meeting new people and seeing new places and having different experiences.

I am glad I have had this unexpected time to be with family.



Author: cathy33

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